Amazing Glass Houses

No Stone Throwing Permitted

People who hate to miss anything could live well in the most spectacular glass houses. Imagine a three-story glass house with the bedroom on the lowest floor looking out at a marvelous snowfall in the surrounding forest. Curtains are mounted in each room that requires privacy. The bathroom is located just up one flight and has just what is needed for keeping things concealed at the moments it is needed.

The particular home that is mentioned here is designed by Milano architect, Carlo Santambrogio. This house is a model that is actually not built yet but is rendered in very realistic settings on a simulation that makes it look very real. The home is a prototype for those who love picturesque living and might also love to own one of these properties. There is absolutely no place on the walls, floors, or ceilings that is not transparent. The floors are see through as well so that some strategically placed Persian rugs might be in order.

Paparazzi Proofing

Structurally, it has grid modular supports where all the walls and braces for the interior are hung on. This home would be devastatingly beautiful, mounted on reinforced supports over water, should a person desire the full beauty of a lake. There is a myriad of possibilities for such a home, although the privacy issues would have to be dealt with in external ways, such as having an alert system for intruders to the grounds it is built on. For those who are famous and enjoy this type of home, it could be a boon for the paparazzi or other voyeuristic types. It could also encourage stalkers as well, living in the world as it is today.

Still, with the idea as part of a home, a sun room of this type would be a great add on to an already existing home with more private quarters adjoining it. The spectacular transparent homes are often built on lakes, by lake resort interests, for guests who want to spend a vacation or other special occasions with utter clarity for the walls, ceilings, and floors. Seeing everything, sunrise, sunset, storms, sunny pleasant days, wildlife activity, birds, moon, and stars, it has unlimited possibilities for putting on a display of nature for the nature lover.

Views are What Attracts People

And they never throw stones at the homes they wish to lease or purchase with transparent walls, ceilings, and floors. The proprietors of the Watervilla Kortenhoef, in the Netherlands believe firmly in giving residents a surround panoramic view of the lakeshore. Each and every wall is part of a fully glass exterior, as each structure straddles the lake’s surface. Dwellers of the villas have an incomparable view of the aquatic landscape from every corner of each glass home.

“And We Sailed into the Sun, In Our Glass Lake House”

Making full use of the home, there is a staircase leading up to the rooftop where a terrace sits with places to comfortably relax and enjoy the surroundings. Bobbing along the water, the basement protrudes below the water’s surface so that bathrooms and bedrooms can be hidden from gawkers above. Living in a Yellow Submarine comes to mind.