Facts about Glass

What makes glass unique? It is a material that is always a liquid. Glass is known as the “fourth state of matter”, because it has no solid or gaseous state. Glass appears to be solid, such as windows and drinking glasses. It is actually made of a super cooled liquid, whose molecules are moving extremely slow. The liquid nature of the glass becomes visible at 1400 degrees fahrenheit. at 1450 degrees fahrenheit, the edges of the glass soften and melt. The glass begins to flow at 1550 degrees fahrenheit, and you can see it moving as the temperature increases. Some other facts about glass that many people may not know include the following:

* In 1500 B.C, Egyptians made vases, cups and glass jewelry.
* In 1903, the first fully automated glass bottle making machine was used in Toledo, Ohio.
* Glass takes one million years to decompose.
* Glass can be recycled over and over. There is no limit.

There are many components to glassblowing, and the glass craft in general. It has a deep rooted history, and can be used to create a multitude of products. Classes are offered for those interested in learning the craft.