Famous Glass Art: Daum

The History of Daum – the Most Celebrated Type of Art Glass

Each and every glass company is directly responsible for its own success. How a company becomes a success is due to the spirit of the people involved. The management is also a primary focal point. If the management is not doing well, in any capacity, then the company will not do well either.

The Daum Glass Company

One company that has been the exception is the Daum Glass Company. Jean Daum was the one who founded the company. He was born in 1825 and died in 1885. Back when he first joined the company was still known as Verrerie Sainte Catherine. This was back when he was still doing the fiancé thing. The company was hitting some very hard times. Jean was the only one who took control of everything.

His background was not in being an artist, it was in being a notary and industrialist. No one at the time was coming to the rescue of the company. Jean did. He later said that it was more or less a “trial by fire.”

Jean and The Company: A Brief Look into the Trials

The first glass ever produced under this venture is and was known as clear glass. It was not glass art, by any stretch. Jean was taking the company onto a new path. The clear glass with some gold rims was primarily for dining and other meals. They are actually considered to be collectibles today. It wasn’t until 5 years after Jean died that the company first started working with Daum Nancy glass.

Jean and the company definitely had their trials they had to go through. One of which was passing down his legacy in the company to his kids. It was Jean, with the help of his kids, who laid down all the groundwork that you see today. Everything in the company is handmade. Daum and his staff made sure of it. He wanted the company that he took over to retain most of the true core values that he found when he first joined.

The State of the Company Now

The company is still around today. They mostly emphasize their work in crystal art now, though they still keep up with the glass art. Many have said their heyday was back in 1895 till 1914. This was a time when many patents were being originated. This was also a time when experimentation was at a peak. There was a lot of detail being paid to the construction and the decorations for the glass art. This was a special time for the company. One which will never be gotten back.

The sons of Jean Daum, Antonin and Auguste, began with the production of fine art glass in the Art Nouveau period. They refined the cameo glass techniques, developed their own individual style and gained international recognition. The company endured both world wars by shifting their production in the meantime from hand-made to industrial production, creating new glass art and also fabricating medical glassware.

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