Joyce Scott to Be Honored by the Glass Society in 2017

Every year the Glass Art Society always gives out awards for outstanding achievements. Well, this year is not going to be any different. Before I get into the awards part, let’s talk a little bit about the Glass Society itself.

The Glass Society: A Brief History

It all began about 40 years ago. It started around 1971. It’s now got about 2700 members. It’s represented across 50 countries and counting. It’s expanded across the globe to include countries like Belgium, Japan, Ireland, Sweden, South Korea and many others. The initial intent of the organization was spread knowledge and excitement about glass blowing. The organization felt it was important to spread this sort of information to family, friends, and co-workers. As you can see, it’s a very big deal and it’s taken very seriously by its members. Which is why it’s considered a very big deal when someone within the group gets an award, like Joyce and Wayne.

Setting the Stage for Joyce and Wayne

There is a specific award going out to Joyce Scott, as well as Wayne Strattman. They both receiving awards in the Studio Glass Field. Both have done exceptional work in the field. They both have contributed large amounts of their time and energy in preserving the core truth about glass art. Let’s take a look at Joyce Scott first.

The Many Accomplishments of Joyce and Wayne

Joyce has taken glass art to a whole new level. She has incorporated certain injustices into her work. She has taken issues like violence and racism and used glass art to speak out against it. Joyce said in a statement that it’s “the perfect platform.” Joyce feels that if she can change one person’s mind on these types of subjects, then her work is complete.

Wayne Strattman isn’t any different. He is receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award. This award is only given out to those who have been dedicated to the platform of glass art. Strattman is definitely one person who is deserving of this award.

Wayne holds a Ph.D. in glass art. He has sat on the board of the Glass Art Society. He’s a very generous supporter of the organization. Strattman believes the integrity of what has been created before needs to be maintained.

Scott, who had previously won the MacArthur Genius Grant is beyond excited. Scott holds both a BFA and an MFA in art. Scott’s work has been featured in various magazines, particularly Urban Glass. Urban Glass is a staple in the glass world. Anyone who is anyone has a subscription.

When Will All of This Be Happening?

They will be getting these awards in June of 2017. The event will be held at the Museum of Art, in Virginia. It’s a three-day event. Tickets are available online for patrons. Click here for more information.