Modern Amazing Glass Artists

Carol Milne and Her Knitted Glass Work

Many great glass artists exist today and are rated according to various standards from awards, popular designs, economic success and rating and respect of fellow artists. Carol Milne is one such artist that has worldwide respect and recognition for a particularly intricate design in glass that is call the Knitted Glass work.

This design garnered her the prestigious Silver Award at the 2010 exhibition in Kanazawa, Japan, for glass art. This International Exhibition of Glass is but one of the sources of recognition for Milne. She has also won numerous other high level awards. Her areas of mastery are the knitting, lost wax formation, molds, and kiln casting. She uses all those methods to create the knitted glass pieces.

Spectacular – Sergio Redegalli

Doing larger than life designs is the area that Sergio Redegalli of Australia owns. He works out of his Cydonia Glass Studio creating optifuse technique glass shapes. Optifuse is his own process, named by him for the way he takes the quality of broken glass shavings in one lump and maintains their fractured texture and appearance. One example of this is seen in his famous work, “Cascade.” He used materials that finally amounted to a twelve-ton sculpture that looks like a flowing wave. It was ordered for the 1988 World Expo of Brisbane, Australia. It can be viewed in person at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens.

Life-size Dress Sculpture by Karen LaMonte

After completing her full scholarship of studies at the Rhode Island School of Design, Karen LaMonte was recognized with an award for her life-sized cast-glass dress sculpture. It stood just as if worn but no legs, arms or appendages of any kind were protruding from it.

‘Vestige,’ the dress sculpture, put her on the map as far as fame and fortune were concerned. Since art does not get the recognition from the mainstream, many look on this achievement with a sense of low interest. Yet, colleagues are totally impressed and glad to assist their fellow artisans for a single opportunity.

Vestige Brings Prestige to Her Czech Studios

Seas of artists exist that are attracted to glass work of significance. It is not enough to just see a great painting, it is also necessary that the experts in the field recognize the results of a fellow artist. LaMonte impressed all of her peers and then some, with her development of special lost wax processes applied in her Czech Studios.

She is the recipient of nine awards for her works in glass. These are from places far apart in the world. Her home country of the United States awarded her with awards from the Smithsonian, American Art Museum and others on the global stage.